I do not receive emails from "Availability, Financing, Test drive and ect"

autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme April 23, 2020
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
1 month ago

I just took a look at your website and there is an error in dashboard about the SMTP settings:

ERREUR D’ENVOI D’E-MAIL : L’extension WP Mail SMTP v1.9.0 a enregistré cette erreur lors de sa dernière tentative d’envoi 

That's the issue that emails don't go.

Do you mean the vehicle per page on your dashboard page. There the post per page do not work. It show by default 10. To change the number of vehicles per page go to Dashboard -> Cars -> autoRoyal Settings -> and there you will have "Vehicles per page" field.

victorien bachelet
1 month ago
In addition when I want to change the page of my vehicles in stock it does not work as well as the option number of vehicle per page
victorien bachelet commented privately
victorien bachelet
1 month ago


I do not receive messages from single-vehicule.php

I install and configure WP Mail SMTP it still doesn't work