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RoyalTickets - Events Booking WordPress Theme RoyalTickets - Events Booking WordPress Theme June 06, 2020
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
1 month ago


1. Go to Dashboard -> Events -> Settings -> Main Settings tab select the date and time format and click on save. This should solve the issue.

2. There is passed this data: check the attachment. Please send us a link and login credentials to investigate the issue.

3. There is an option to let unregistered users to purchase tickets so this condition is correct.

4. It is working on our demo.

5. I don't know what the issue was as I couldn't reproduce it.

The service charges works like this: You, as admin set a fee % and/or a fixed fee for each ticket purchased on your platform. The system automatically calculates the amount of the money that goes to vendors/event organizers from each ticket and it is reflected in their account. They can requests payouts from you by clicking on "Request Payout" on their account. You will get notified that there is a new pending payout request. You can go to your front dashboard and will see the payout and the details: The amount, the payout option: PayPal, Skrill or Wire transfer. You can update the payout status.

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Regarding the 

Yewande Yewande
1 month ago

My developer is experience the following errors with the current theme: 

1. first issue is warning message on line number 199 templates/template-stripe-change.php. There must be strtotime() php function use. Because php date() function second parameter must be a number.

2. After strip payment form submit. Same file line number 33. The if condition never get true. Because the form doesn't submit such post variable. So script end without process and display blank page with "None Mail" message on page.

3. The user logged-in the line number 33 condition should not work. Because the script uses the logged-in user email. So this is big bug in theme code.

4. Kindly review the code line between 81 to 100. I think it is also not working.

5. While working on the website when i created a new user on the website using a private window in chrome, when i gave the user organizer rights, I don;t know why the admin right were changes for MY admin account which was opened on normal chrome window to simple user which i had to change later on from the back-end later

Can this be fixed?

Below is the new user that i created. I also created an event as well to try our how the creation of an account,  purchasing a ticket, and after becoming an organizer posting an event was working. 

Also can you share details about how the service charges works  - there is no documentation on this.