Total Earnings - do refunds get deducted on User Dashboard?

RoyalTickets - Events Booking WordPress Theme RoyalTickets - Events Booking WordPress Theme July 24, 2020
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
9 months ago

Hey Matt,

The refund option isn't yet added but I'm working on it.

Yes, it will be deducted from user's total earnings.

Matt Evans
9 months ago

Hi Alex,

If someone buys a ticket for an event, then they ask for a refund, how does this process work if I have a 20% commission?

Does the "Total Earnings" update in the User's Dashboard? 

e.g. if they made £5,080 then I refund a £100 ticket with 20% commission.

Will the Total Earnings reduce to £5,000 to remove the £80?