How to customize my homepage's search bar ?

autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme August 26, 2020
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chris meng
9 months ago

Due to an urgent needs for our customers, we temporally delete that search bar.


Alex Gurghis Support Agent
9 months ago

Hey Chris,

I checked your website but there is no search section on top.

The search shortcode is located in autoroyal plugins ->  shortcodes -> td-shortcode-homepage-search.php

With regards,

chris meng
9 months ago

Now I have my homepage running well  as well as its search section. 

But can I customize the search bar, like can I delete some filter sections? 

If possible, could you guide me where can I access and adjust? 

Reference link:   (The search bar is right on the top of this link)

From site inspector, I found the form id is "autoroyal-advance-search-form" , hope those reference could be helpful to you finding me a solution quickly.