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autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme February 18, 2021
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
4 months ago

Hi Stephen,

We use CarQuery API (free version) https://www.carqueryapi.com/ for car data population. It depends on theme how often they update their database with new models.

Vin decoder is different for different world zones and it costs to use it. We don't have  a plan to integrate it.

You can edit the submission form or you can hide them on care single page in front page.



Stephen Revere
4 months ago

On "Car Info" for "Populate Car Details" we input the make model year and trim and then it will auto populate a lot of the data, but the info doesn't get updated for 2021. How do we get it updated for 2021 vehicles? 

Ideally we could just input the VIN and get all of the information input automatically. Any likelihood of that happening? 

We also would like to have some options not display, like "engine and transmission" or "characteristics". Please share info on how to get rid of those.