Google Maps Error(s) on casaRoyal

casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme December 22, 2021
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j11n dev
4 months ago
Update: The CasaRoyal theme has the google maps API settings input in the customize menu panel of wordpress. Resolved by inputting working Google API key there.
j11n dev commented privately
j11n dev
4 months ago

Just to confirm, where do you enter the API key for the theme? 

I entered into the Elementor input field, is there another location?

j11n dev
4 months ago


Maps JavaScript API is already enabled on the project. Do you have any
other suggestions?

Are there any conflicting plugins? The maps don’t work on individual
property pages nor on overall search results page.

Alex Gurghis Support Agent
4 months ago


Please follow this instructions to activate the Maps JavaScript API for your project: This will fix the map issue.

j11n dev
5 months ago

I receive two errors when loading the Google Maps Javascript API based maps on certain pages, such as 1) individual property locations, and 2) when you search all properties and there is a map at the top of the page that loads next.

Here is the text of the two errors from the Javascript console - please note that I have enabled my Google Cloud API billing account and have created credentials that are unrestricted (for testing) and also tried restricting to site and Google Maps Javascript API and Google Maps Embed API.

Theme plugins are up to date, perhaps there is an issue with a third party plugin? 

Error code 1 of 2:

Uncaught TypeError: format.replace is not a function

    at Date.toString (datejs.js:40)

    at Kga (

    at Object._.Xha (


Error Code 2 of 2:

Google Maps JavaScript API error: ApiNotActivatedMapError

Please advise what additional information you may need to diagnose the problem. Love the theme and can't wait to get these maps working! Thank you for your work.