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RoyalTickets - Events Booking WordPress Theme RoyalTickets - Events Booking WordPress Theme February 02, 2022
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
3 months ago


1. Loco translate plugin is good.

2. There is documentation included in the folder you download from ThemeForest.

3. It is possible to hide the available tickets with css or on code.

4. It’s not possible right now to add more taxes to tickets.

5. The theme has already QR code feature.

Yours sincerely

Alex Gurghis
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Christian Diaz
3 months ago

1. Which plugin would you recommend to translate the pages and that is compatible with the theme ? I'm currently using Loco for the theme and plugins ...

2. Is there any user manual, where the processes of Manage Events, Manage Tickets, Manage Income, Manage Payments, etc. are well explained ?

3. When making the purchase of a ticket can I hide the number of available tickets?

4. If I want to add more taxes to the checkout, how can I do it?

5. How can I integrate a QR code in the theme? How does it work?

Best regards,