Dealer Inventory Page: Not Printing the invoice

autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme February 10, 2022
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
3 months ago


Can you send please a link and login credentials to investigate the issue. We do not have such option in our theme. Maybe it's from a plugin or so.

Yours sincerely

Alex Gurghis
WordPress Developer

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Abid Poswall
3 months ago

Hello Auther,

When we are trying to print the invoice from the "My Listings" page, the print button is redirecting to the not found page. Please check the below details:

I'm going like this:

Dealer Inventory -> My Listings -> Actions -> Print

Once we are trying to print invoice it's returning this URL with not found:


Please help me to resolve this ASAP.