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casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme September 05, 2022
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Agentur Aboutblank
1 year ago

Thanks for your reply - we got that part working.

Sadly we have a new problem, as the permalinks to our postings dont seem to work. 

Even when we directly click the permalinks in the property it gets us to a 404 page - on all postings. 
Do you have an idea, what could cause this?

Thanks in advance,

Alex Gurghis Support Agent
1 year ago
Hi Felix,

It is possible to remove unnecessary fields in php files. You can do it if you have php knowledges. I also do offer custom work in case you need help.

For translation I recommend Loco Translate plugin:

Yours sincerely

Alex Gurghis
WordPress Developer

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Felix Seyfert
1 year ago

Dear Team, 

thanks for the nice and complete theme. 

For our site we only need a very reduced amount of Options for each Listing. 
Is there any clean way to remove certain options from the listing itself and from the Search Box aswell?

for example in listings: number of beds, bathrooms, 

for in search box: min bathrooms, min beds

Also, since our site is in german - is there any clean way to switch the Text-fields in the Search box and Listing overview and detail?

Thanks in advance