Problems and incorrect work

autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme June 04, 2019
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Viktor TS
2 years ago

thanks a lot for the quick reply. i will wait the update %)

Alex Gurghis Support Agent
2 years ago

Hi Victor,

Thank you for reporting the issues. We are working on them right now. The updated version will be up next week.

Viktor TS
2 years ago

1. Usually, if customer choose drop-off the car in another locations, its extra charge. But in your theme i did not find this option. Another problem, if you will choose another location for drop-off, in the second step you did not see pickup and drop-off location! on your demo site - same situation

see the attachments

2. How can I set the same model of car to another office? For example, we have 12 offices, and same model of cars in every office. If I add same model with same characteristic, i see both cars in the search

i can set only 1 existent location to one car. in the sidebar i try to set the checkboxes, but after saving, its already unchecked