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autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme July 24, 2019
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
2 weeks ago


Personal info form is located in single-vehicle.php file from line 1993.

Select a Make is located in autoRoyal plugin:

1. assets/js/autoroyal-admin.js line 1059

2. assets/js/autoroyal-admin.js line 1115

3. assets/js/autoroyal-public.js line 2893

4. assets/js/autoroyal-public.js line 2949

5. includes/forms/search-horizontal-filter.php line 308

6. includes/forms/search-horizontal-filter.php line 409

7. includes/forms/search-horizontal-modern-filter.php line 318

8. includes/forms/search-horizontal-modern-filter.php line 376

9. includes/forms/search-vertical-filter.php line 356

10. includes/forms/search-vertical-filter.php line 453

11. shortcodes/td-shortcode-homepage-search.php line 231

12. shortcodes/td-shortcode-homepage-search.php line 289

13. shortcodes/td-shortcode-minimal-search.php line 201

14. shortcodes/td-shortcode-minimal-search.php line 258

Matheus Oliveira
2 weeks ago

Please. I asked two questions on my topic, you answered only one.

About JQuery string, which path exactly should I go to modify please?

Alex Gurghis Support Agent
3 weeks ago


Select a Make string is from jQuery, we are working on it to make it translatable.

Matheus Oliveira
4 weeks ago


Matheus Oliveira
4 weeks ago

Hello, I would like to know two things please:

- Where I edit to translate these texts that I marked in green in the Annex (LocoTranslate does not have these texts)
- How do I add more fields, and edit these forms? I'm not finding on the panel