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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
4 months ago

Yes, wordpress can send the email email but you are not getting it so the best solution is to setup smtp.

In the wordpress dashboard -> Rent Reservations -> There you can see the booked cars and the client.

WCAR Connor
4 months ago

Ok wordpress can sent the test email fine.

the dashboard is the account where you can login to see online car rental
booking that clients rental car booking

*NB- Please note that our office has been relocated to Blowing Point Road
opposite Delta Gas Station (Green & Grey Buildings)*

*Yours Truly,*

*For **Wendell Connor's Taxi Service & Car Rental*
*P.O.Box 519 **The Valley, Anguilla*
*Email: w** *
*Website: ***
*Phone: 1-264-497-8305/6894 Cell/whatsapp: 1-264-235-7755/5777*

Alex Gurghis Support Agent
4 months ago


1. There is an issue with the wordpress sometimes not sending the emails. Here is the solution:

2. What do you mean by access the dashboard without wordpress log?

Kind Regards,


WCAR Connor
4 months ago

when reserve the carĀ  is completeĀ  we don't get a email, also the how to access the dashboard without going thought wordpress log