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Ivano Cardassi
3 days ago

Hi, Alex. Sorry for the late response. I got back from vacation at the office today. I'm attaching the XML file for importing cars. I remind you that you can't import the images of the cars. With other themes, however, these problems are not there. Thank you

Alex Gurghis Support Agent
1 week ago

Hey Ivano,

1. As I can see there are some issue with the import. The year of the cars doesn't look right "2015" and this is breaking the filter.

2. Fixed the error.

3. Can you send me the xml file to try to import the vehicles with WP-all import plugin.



Ivano Cardassi
2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm experiencing several problems in the topic.
1) In Inventory, the filter does not work. Every time I click search, it always takes me to the home. I've tried different types of filters, but none of them work.

2) Always in the inventory gives me this error: Warning
Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
on line 8685

3) I can't import car images from xml files with the Wp-all import plugin. Both with Motors and with Carspot I have never had any of these problems.