My Dashboard and change button

casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme August 08, 2019
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
10 months ago


Tevreden Tevreden
10 months ago

Great, thank you Alex.

This really helped a lot.



Alex Gurghis Support Agent
10 months ago

Hi Armand,

Submit Listing button you will find in casaroyal/header.php line 740;

You can edit the buttons from My Dashboard in casaroyal/template-parts/my-account-menu.php

To edit the submit form go to casaroyal/templates/template-submit-listing.php file.

Best Regards,


Tevreden Tevreden
11 months ago

Hai Alex,

See attachement, on which line in de php code I can find the submit button? I need to change it in an other language. 

Then about My Dashboard, I do not need all the options, I do not need:

Notifications Subcriber and account funds for example. 

Also on the submit listing area, I dont need all the options you see there, see attachement: the options with a red line are not necessary. Also I dont need options at location. Like County/State, Country and MAP adress. Google maps is also not necessary.

At My Dashboard, Notifications, there also options I dont need, Like Bedrooms and bathrooms. This is all code work? Because I see shortcodes, but not a programm how I can change the forms.

Thank you very much again.