Button doenst work and other issues

casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme September 10, 2019
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Tevreden Tevreden
5 days ago

Hai Alex,

1. If we re-download the theme again, then everything is gone...or not? 

2 till 4. Ok, thnx we will try that.

5. I need access to your wordpress back-end to take a look. 

Our inlog:



thank you again!!



Alex Gurghis Support Agent
5 days ago

Hey Armand,

1. We fixed that issue in the latest update. You can re-download the theme from ThemeForest.

2. You can change the template. Edit the page and from right sidebar under the page template select: Property Grid Listing Template

3. You can edit in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Listing Sidebar and there edit the "casaRoyal - Advance Search Widget" title.

4. You can edit that text in Customizer -> casaRoyal: Settings -> Miscellaneous

5. I need access to your wordpress back-end to take a look.



Tevreden Tevreden
5 days ago

Goodday Alex,

I think we are almost there, but I there are a few more questions:

1: The button submit listing, de orange button on the homepage. When I go to that form and fill in all the information, and then go to the submit listing button under at the page, the button doens't do anything.

2: See attachement, when I click on the search button (in my case Buscar Servicos) then I will come on a page:


How can I delete the google maps area... 

3: And my 3rd question, where can I change 'Find your place'. See attachement as well.

4: Under at the page of submit listing, there is the sentence: I have read and agree with the privay Policy.

Where can I change that? 

5: The last one, when I click on a photo at Service by Area (by me it is servicos por area). then I will come on this page:


See attachement, there are blocks, like sort by options I guess. When I click on the left one, I get: This page doenst work, see attachement as well.  

Something goes wrong there. 

I hope it is a little bit clearly for you. 

Thanks again.