Script inclusion breaks Visual Composer in admin interface

autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme autoRoyal - Automotive WordPress Theme September 13, 2019
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Alex Gurghis Support Agent
8 months ago


Thank you for reporting the issue. You can comment the line that loads the jquery-ui script.

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Jack Jordan
8 months ago

I believe it's your plugin because I deactivated all of ours, then enabled them one by one, and activating yours brought back the problem. On line 134 of wp-content/plugins/autoroyal/includes/admin/class-autoroyal-admin.php, you include your own version of jquery-ui and commenting out that line corrects the issue.

That same type of inclusion exists on line 120 of wp-content/plugins/autoroyal/includes/public/class-autoroyal-public.php. Which I assume can and will cause other conflicts.

Maybe just add the internal jquery-ui as a dependency for your script(s) that rely on it?